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Electric companies’ P20-B highway robbery thwarted
Sunday, 03.30.2014, 07:22pm

There were two big news stories in the past two days affecting the lives of millions of Filipinos in Metro Manila and adjacent towns, but which, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, were buried in the inside pages of mainstream newspapers and reported only as in-the-meantime items. Except for this paper, that is. It bannered this news, for which I’m proud to be part of it.


Liars all
Tuesday, 01.28.2014, 09:20pm
He is not the epitome of intelligence and good public service but his story about the breakfast meeting is revealing of Malacañang’s methods under Aquino.
Social media rising: Roxas video nears 1M views
Saturday, 12.21.2013, 04:33am
Secretary Mar Roxas’ disputation with Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez a few days after Yolanda devastated his city has turned out to be a milestone, not only because it marks the total annihilation of the presidential ambitions of President Aquino’s purported political heir. The video of Roxas’ confrontation with Romualdez is the first time that social media has eclipsed the perspective of traditional, mainstream media.
P10 billion of DAP money to ARMM, rebel groups
Monday, 10.28.2013, 01:34am
How did President Aquino use the money he had hijacked from the regular budget and corralled into a fund for what he called the “Disbursement Acceleration Plan” (DAP)?
Other than the P1 billion de facto pork barrel given to members of Congress as reward for taking out Chief Justice Renato, another major use of the DAP Fund would be controversial,  even shocking.
People who get richer, die younger – study
Sunday, 10.27.2013, 01:42am
PARIS: We all live longer when times are good, right?
Not so, according to a new study which says that in developed countries, the elderly have a higher mortality rate when the economy goes into higher gear.
Even its authors are baffled by the outcome.
Why the Bible is difficult to comprehend?
Friday, 10.25.2013, 02:28am
The Bible is not an ordinary book for it was written thousand of years ago under different environments, cultures, and traditions. Furthermore, it was also written by forty people of different educational backgrounds who lived in different continents at different times.
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