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My last talk with Ninoy Aquino
Friday, 09.26.2014, 01:22pm

President B. S. Aquino 3rd’s strong words in Boston, while recalling his father’s three year- medical furlough there, and his assassination at the Manila international airport upon his return on August 21, 1983, compel me to reveal for the first time a conversation I had with Ninoy Aquino at Harvard in the summer of 1982.


Friday, 12.26.2014, 12:13am
It is a new year.  My husband and I would like to be debt free of our $10K credit card debt by the next new year.  What tips can you give us?
The fundamentals of sponsoring a spouse
Friday, 12.26.2014, 12:09am
I have been a Canadian Citizen for nearly two decades. I have never sponsored anyone before. I want to sponsor my wife who is a Filipina and in Canada now as a visitor. Her status as a visitor will be expiring soon and she has heard from people in the community that she must leave Canada.
Exposed: The govt’s biggest boo-boo on the Yolanda fiasco
Thursday, 11.27.2014, 04:36pm
A year after the Yolanda disaster, the biggest boo-boo of President Aquino’s top officials tasked to deal with the Super Typhoon remained unexposed, or at least not given the appropriate media reportage. If our Senators are so fond of investigation, this is one issue they should probe—after all, the archipelago, again and again will be hit by super typhoons, and our nation can’t afford this yellow type of blunder.
World’s ultra-rich getting richer
Thursday, 11.27.2014, 04:32pm
WASHINGTON D.C.: A bare 0.004 percent of the world’s adult population controls nearly $30 trillion in assets, 13 percent of the world’s total wealth, according to a new study released on Thursday (Friday in Manila).
No land, no home
Thursday, 11.27.2014, 03:45pm

RECONSTRUCTION efforts in areas devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda, particularly the building of shelters for families who remain in evacuation centers, are hampered by the lack of safe relocation sites where new communities can be built.
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