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She’s not natural-born, and she lied under oath
Saturday, 08.29.2015, 11:33pm

IT took a “quo warranto” (“by which warrant”) suit by Kapatiran party member and 2013 senatorial candidate Rizalito David before the Senate Electoral Tribunal last week to compel Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares to finally say something about her being constitutionally disqualified from being a senator or from aspiring for higher office on the ground of lack of citizenship or legal residence.


Aquino didn’t care to bring father’s killers to justice
Saturday, 08.29.2015, 10:57pm
Today marks the 32st anniversary of the assassination of opposition leader Ninoy Aquino, an event that changed the course of Philippine history. Newspapers’ front pages tomorrow will be filled with photos of President Aquino 2rd and his sisters grieving at their father’s grave. There would be eulogies to the martyr whose death triggered, as the Yellow narrative puts it, the fall of the Dark Lord.
Binay resigns: Aquino’s free-fall starts
Sunday, 06.28.2015, 07:38pm
President BS Aquino 3rd, or his sidekick Mar Roxas, went too far in their attempts to take Vice President Jejomar Binay out of the presidential race. Maybe too early, and that smear campaign will prove to be this Administration’s unraveling.
BBL crucial for Yellow victory in 2016
Friday, 05.29.2015, 07:01pm
Looking at the ecstatic faces of members of the Congress committee who approved the BBL, one would find reports are certainly credible that each was promised P50 million in pork-barrel funds and a further P1 million in cash by President Aquino.
Should we send our women workers abroad?
Sunday, 03.29.2015, 05:23pm
NEXT week I shall represent the Employers Confederation of the Philippines at the 9th Session of the Sub-Regional Advisory Committee (SURAC) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The main topic is migration.
Aquino stonewalled inquiry; cover-up underway
Sunday, 03.29.2015, 05:14pm

Despite its valiant efforts, the Philippine National Police’s Board of Inquiry’s (PNP BOI) report on why and how 44 Special Action Forces got helplessly trapped and massacred by Muslim insurgents on that fateful January day is far from complete.
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The 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos killed in the Maguindanao clash with Moro rebels last Sunday will receive the Bravery Medal or the Medalya ng Katapangan, one of the highest recognition given by the Philippine National Police.

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