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What Nico Bolzico hides from Solenn Heussaff

MANILA, Philippines — Argentinean model and businessman Nico Bolzico has been keeping something from his wife, actress and TV host Solenn Heussaff, and he was keen into keeping it a secret — until now. After much badgering, Nico finally disclosed to that So... Read more


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VICTOR N. CORPUS IN 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed from its own financial and bureaucratic weight, the United States emerged as the sole superpower in the world. At that crucial period, it would have been a great opportunity for the US to establish its global lea... Read more


The sad tale of Juan Tok Hang

The sad tale of Juan Tok Hang

I’ve heard this utterly sad tale as a child, from my jolly old mother who survived the Japanese occupation of the islands. It was about this solitary spirit—a pasatsat, it was called—who roamed the lush grasslands near the Tayug river in Pangasinan province and haunted... Read more



Siyam na Taon nang ating  minamasdan ang Gintong alindog ng Bilog na Buwan Sa bawat pagbilog nating masaksihan, Lalong lumalalim ang pagmamahalan. Tandang-tanda ko pa ang Unang pagsikat, nagkru-Cruising tayo sa laot ng dagat; habang sa Silangan, Buwan tumataas ay aking... Read more

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